• Fruit Purees

    Different varieties for irresistible fruit-flavoured ice cream. Clean-label product without artificial additives.
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  • 100% Bio Sanddorn-Püree 3kg PULISANO

    100% Bio Sanddorn-Püree 3kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 215210
  • Ananas-Püree 100% (fein), 5kg PULISANO

    Ananas-Püree 100% (fein), 5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222060
  • Ananas-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Ananas-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222012
  • Aprikosen-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Aprikosen-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222010
  • Bananen-Püree 100%, 5kg PULISANO

    Bananen-Püree 100%, 5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222015
  • Bananen-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Bananen-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222014
  • Birnen-Püree 100%, 5kg BIB PULISANO

    Birnen-Püree 100%, 5kg BIB PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222033
  • Birnen-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Birnen-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222032
  • Cassis-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Cassis-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222016
  • Erdbeer-Püree 100%, 5kg PULISANO

    Erdbeer-Püree 100%, 5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222019
  • Erdbeer-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Erdbeer-Püree 100%, 8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222018
  • Granatapfel-Püree 100%,8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Granatapfel-Püree 100%,8x1,5kg PULISANO

    Art-No.: 222042
  • Articles 1 - 12 of 34

100% Natural Fruit Purees

Different varieties for irresistible fruit-flavoured ice cream. Clean-label product without artificial additives. The Pulisano® range extends from unbeatable strawberry puree to exotic guanabana. All Pulisano® fruit purees are 100% natural
  • without artificial aromas
  • without preservatives
  • without colourings and
  • without added sugar.

Benefits of Fruit Purees for the Catering Trade

Many ice cream parlours have very limited space in the cold store. We took this into account when designing our Pulisano® products. Benefit from the well-thought-out features:
  • No freezing required
  • Minimum shelf life of 24 months at room temperature
  • Refrigerate after opening (shelf life about 4 -5 days)
  • Microbiological safety
  • Consistent quality of the fruit throughout the year
  • Best fruit flavour due to optimal timing of harvest
  • Easy to use

The fruit purees are packaged in a 1.5 kg bag-in-box bag and make a 5-litre tub of finished ice cream. Many varieties are also available in the 5kg version.

Little Guide to our Exotic Fruit Purees

Where do our exotics come from, what do they taste like and how can you use them? Our blog report (in German) gens you up!

Looking for a specific item? Use our product search feature or the filter function to display all articles that fit your needs. We advise both wholesalers and ice cream parlours. Delivery is handled exclusively via the specialist wholesaler who we are happy to put ice cream parlours in touch with.
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