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    Bespoke and yet inexpensive. A custom and professional appearance even with a small-quantity order.
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  • Druck-Eiskarte 12 Seiten personalisiert

    Druck-Eiskarte 12 Seiten personalisiert

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    Druck-Eiskarte 4 Seiten personalisiert

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    Druck-Eiskarte 8 Seiten personalisiert

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Custom-Printed Ice Cream Menus

Bespoke and yet inexpensive. A custom and professional appearance even with a small-quantity order. Our standard ice cream menus and menu cards are printed with your logo, address and prices, ensuring a flawless appearance without having to dig deep into your pockets.
Already with orders of 25 units, you can receive your custom-printed ice cream menu or menu card. The ice cream menus boast a double-sided, high-gloss film finish and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. How to design your ice cream menu in just 3 easy steps:

1. Choose the Desired Ice Cream or Themed Menu

In addition to our extensive ice cream menus (some featuring beverage options) there are also a number of 4-page, themed menus available:
  • Iced coffee / iced chocolate
  • Children's menu options
  • Spaghetti ice cream menu
  • Yoghurt ice cream menu
  • Hot waffle menu
  • Belgian waffle menu
  • Crepe menu
  • Strawberry season menu

Depending on the size of your ice cream range, choose from a 6, 8 or even 12-page brochure.

2. Your Data

After receiving the order confirmation, send us your logo, address and prices.

3. Print Approval

You check the design and give us your approval before the printing goes ahead.

Production of the menus will take about 10 working days from print approval, plus delivery time. Our printing experts will be pleased to help you select and prepare your custom ice cream menu.

Need less than 25 units? As an alternative to custom printing, you will also find our wide range of German menu cards which you can add your own prices to.
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