Personalised Napkins & Napkin Stands

No catering business without matching napkins. Individually printed napkins and napkin holders offer space for appealing advertising.

Servietten-Spender f. 17 x 33, 19,5 x 13cm, H7cm, Metall


Druck-Tablettaufleger 30x40cm, 1-lagig


Druck-Besteckkuvert aus Airlaid-Serviette 33x40


No catering business without matching napkins

Individually printed napkins and napkin holders offer space for appealing advertising. Depending on the orientation, you as a gastronome may prefer one of the following napkins from our range:

single-ply dispenser napkins 17 x 17 cm

one and two-ply napkins 25 x 25 cm

one, two or three-ply napkins 33 x 33 cm

two-ply napkins 40 x 40 cm

Matching the dispenser napkins, which are mainly used in snack bars and snack bars, you will find three napkin stand models in white, black, silver and transparent. You can print the napkin holders in small runs from 12 pieces up to four colours. Ideal for the small gastronomy!

In addition to our wide range of napkins, we also offer tray rests and coasters. Both items are mainly used by breweries and beverage manufacturers.

High advertising impact with little effort

The printing process is simple:

You choose the product to be printed.

You send us the desired artwork (logo and/or motif) in JPG format.

We create a draft for approval - free of charge and without obligation.

You give the approval - possibly after prior adjustments.

You receive the goods with the desired printing.

Order centrally, deliver decentrally

If you are a large catering company with many branches and your demand for napkins is correspondingly high, we will of course deliver in partial shipments to different addresses, thus relieving your logistics and your warehouse. Or are you active as a middleman? In this case, we will also deliver the goods to your customers on your behalf. What is your preferred delivery option?

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