Reusable drinking cup

Our reusable drinking cups are the reusable alternative to the disposable cup!

Druck Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot&Cold S, ca. 150ml, Ø80mm, H49mm


Druck Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot & Cold M, randvoll ca. 225ml, Ø80mm, H82mm


Druck Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot & Cold L, randvoll ca. 325ml, Ø80mm, H115mm


Druck Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot & Cold XL, randvoll ca. 430ml, Ø80mm, H147mm


Druck Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot & Cold XXL, randvoll ca. 550ml, Ø80mm, H180mm


Our reusable drinking cups are the reusable alternative to disposable cups!

100% recyclable

Naturally BPA-free

Suitable for the (industrial) dishwasher

Perfect for private use and the catering trade

Combination lid Ø80 fits all drinking cups.

Coloured and printable reusable drinking cups

The cups are available in different colours (beige, pale pink/lavender, lemon yellow and mint green) and can be personalised individually.

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