Personalized Drinking Cups

Take your message to the world - with personalised drinking cups. Disposable paper cups are an important part of sporting and cultural events and out-of-home catering.

RECICLO Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot & Cold M blau, randvoll ca. 225ml, Ø80mm, H82mm


RECICLO Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot & Cold L braun, randvoll ca. 325ml, Ø80mm, H115mm


RECICLO Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot & Cold XL altrosa, randvoll ca. 430ml, Ø80mm, H147mm


RECICLO Mehrweg-Trinkbecher Hot & Cold XXL schwarz, randvoll ca. 550ml, Ø80mm, H180mm


GE-T25 (0,2) Drucktrinkbecher, 280ml randvoll, Ø76mm, H97mm


GE-T33 (0,25) Drucktrinkbecher, 330ml randvoll, Ø80mm, H108mm


GE-T37 (0,33) Drucktrinkbecher, 350ml randvoll, Ø81mm, H118mm


GE-T42F (0,33) Drucktrinkbecher (45c), 450ml randvoll, Ø90mm, H113mm


GE-T50 (0,4) Drucktrinkbecher, 512ml randvoll, Ø90mm, H130mm


GE-T58 (0,5) Drucktrinkbecher, 580ml randvoll, Ø90mm, H141mm


GE-T70 (0,6) Drucktrinkbecher, 707ml randvoll, Ø90mm, H169mm


Take your message to the world - with personalised drinking cups

Disposable paper cups are an important part of sports and cultural events and out-of-home catering. Take advantage of the possibilities and think about your very own printing: show your logo or advertise the next event. Or invite your customers to a prize competition. There are no limits to creativity. For small and big thirsts. The paper cups are available in seven different sizes - from 0.2 litre to 0.6 litre cups. With the Clear Cups you have the choice of 4 different sizes from 0.2 to 0.5 litres. Are you in doubt about which cups to choose? Our printing experts will advise you without obligation and will be happy to provide you with samples.

The 4 steps to your own drinking cup

* Select the desired size

* Send us your JPG format with your printing request

* You will receive a non-binding draft for approval and inform us of any changes

* We produce and deliver. Do you need a small number of drinking cups quickly?

In our stock assortment you will receive drinking cups with different motifs.

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